Sunlight is the basis
of life on earth

50% of outdoor light consists of near-infrared light. This invisible part of the solar spectrum is healthy for us. However, in Western societies people spend 90% of their waking hours indoors 1 deprived of near-infrared light as even our window glazing blocks it. 2

This is where Seaborough’s SunLED can make a difference: we bring healthy near-infrared light indoors. Thorough scientific research combined with years of relevant industry experience resulted in the most energy and cost-efficient way of delivering a proven effective dose of healthy near-infrared light.

Independently proven 
health benefits

SunLED is about improving your physical health, enhancing mental well-being, and boosting your immune system. However, the benefits of near-infrared light extend far beyond the boundaries of the clinical study performed with SunLED technology 3. Scientific research reveals a wealth of additional benefits, from accelerated wound healing 4 and mitigation of diabetes type II symptoms 5-9 to enhanced brain function 1-15, reduced depression 16-20, and promotion of eye health 21-25.

SunLED brings these health benefits effortlessly into your life, seamlessly integrated into the devices that surround us every day. No user intervention required – we make it easy to incorporate SunLED into your everyday routine!

mental health

physical health

immune system

The possibilities for 
integration are endless...

As part of a car interior

Integrated in computer screens

Embedded in your gym

Embedded in your phone

When watching a movie

Enhance your products with the
power of SunLED

If you are a manufacturer or brand of (personal) electronic devices like indoor lighting or consumer electronics, integrating SunLED in your products opens up opportunities in new and existing markets. Market trends show increased attention to health and wellbeing by consumers, and positive ROIs for businesses investing in a healthy workforce. Join in now by leveraging SunLED.

A license allows you to use proprietary SunLED technology into your products and provides you with:

A unique value proposition

Add proven health benefits to your product

Guaranteed uniqueness

Our patents protect your position in the market

Accelerated innovation

Use our inventions and expertise to enhance your product roadmap